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Aana Resort & Spa Koh Chang Hotel Reviews

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Aana Resort & Spa Koh Chang

We stayed at the Aana 'Koh Chang April 08. It's a beautiful leave behind at the top of Ah Klong Prao beach. With the amazing backdrop rainforset and resaurant after the river that is a unique and beautiful hotel. A setback from the beach, kayak that had over 5 minutes to reach the beautiful beach of golden sand with sun beds Aana private bar and hammocks.

Beach is great, very quiet, very quiet, beautiful, warm (but very little) water. A few minutes walk to the beach there are some other resorts, some shack bars and restaurants, so food and drink is affordable. In a still very hot days the river can be a bit smelly (but not too bad to offend most of the nose).

Hotel was spotless impecably and clean (the cleaning staff were so friendly), the rooms were beautifully designed, simple and elegant balcony forget one of the two pools and the beautiful river. Staff were very friendly and helpful.

Aana Resort & Spa
Restaurant was okay, good food and drink, if not a bit too much for what went (remember 17% of additional tax and service added at all). We ate there once and then find better alternatives elsewhere.

I would say that this was a couples-oriented adult certinalty (although there is a playground for children, and there were a few children making full use of the larger pool, and loving it, we moved to the quiet pool for infinety peace and relaxation).

We all felt very careful, very spoiled our stay there and did'nt want to leave.

If you are looking for a party that is not the place to come, but if you enjoy the elegance, peace and a little treat this is definitely the place for you and only? 42 per room, the hotel booked, but it is a website BARGIN amazing for what you get. Love to return.
Aana Resort & Spa Koh Chang
* Taste - Design and layout of application, great pools, beautiful rooms, excellent service

* Gusto - Restaurant was a bit disappointing, a little overpriced complementary with other similar places, food was OK, but not much, very little atmosphere.

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