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Aiyapura Resort & Spa Koh Chang Hotel Reviews

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Aiyapura Resort & Spa Koh Chang

The long trip to Kho Chang was, well, long time. My wife and I actually find ourselves questioning our choice Aiyapura. Upon arrival, just take a look at the beautiful view of the cover retention chased away all those doubts. AiyaPura is something special.

Definitely something off the beaten path. Out of the way, tucked in a beautiful picturesque lake thats never a few feet deep. The staff was incredible and our tendency to every need.

What is really refreshing is the way in which the resource is embedded in nature itself. Carving. Yes, there are tons of mosquitoes and insects, but never bother you. They have cute turkeys on the premises, which are strong, but always willing to pose as soon as we whip a camera. To our pleasure, is one of those rainy days, so you have to do the turkey Raindance.

We did, but no honeymoon for snorkeling to mountain biking to the beach, romantic walks. This place makes you active, and one with nature.
Aiyapura Resort & Spa
The room that was warm and welcoming, we especially liked the villa and private pool areas.

To finish the last day we have a lovely dinner in the dock. And candles. all.

Aiyapura has given us something more than a vacation, a beautiful memory that we will celebrate with us forever.

* Taste - Food, View, Spa

* Gusto - The ferry to Kho Chang, his annoyingly slow, and recover as much fun as the skin ...

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Aiyapura Resort & Spa Koh Chang

Aiyapura Resort & Spa