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The Emerald Cove Koh Chang Reviews

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We regularly visit Thailand, but it was our first visit to Koh Chang and we loved it!

The Emerald Cove Koh Chang

Koh Chang is a beautiful, unspoiled island .... Samui, like 10 years before being ruined!

Amari was the perfect choice for us, a great position with Arenas Blancas accessible if you want to visit it, although we spent more time in Kai Bae (turn right from the road and the hotel about 2 km away ) because it was more like a village and more to our liking.

The hotel was lovely, not too busy, green, great amenities and a large staff, including management and mingled with the guests were really interested in our enjoyment. Language rarely a problem and definitely helps to speak slowly - they always find someone who could help ... after all we are in Thailand, not England!

All staff were so friendly and, as everywhere, if you get 100 again smile smile and always appreciate our attempts to speak Thai no matter what we did wrong!

The beach / pool and large areas have been maintained well. The hotel has been out on the beach to ensure that no problems at high tide, but you can always access the beach just outside the hotel.

The Emerald CoveThe rooms were great, a beautiful ocean view with a window overlooking the sea and a balcony for us (room 124), and origami towel animals are often left on our fun. The beds were a little difficult, but we've had worse in Thailand, we were told that we are resolving this matter with thick mattresses.

The breakfast buffet was excellent and we loved the Mandalay Bar (5 minutes walk to the beach to the right of the hotel) for lunch and evening drinks watching the sunset.

Take the cooking class ... here is free (rare) and the chef is very informative and helpful.

We have our bikes all the way around and enjoy, but beware of some of the hills and curves!

We have told all our friends to visit Koh Chang, and stay in the Amari ... I would say perfect trip! Will return next March! email if you would like more information.

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