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Bhumiyama Beach Resort Koh Chang

Bhumiyama Beach Resort is arguably one of the best on the island, but has some flaws. We stayed there during the month of August - the rainy season - that is why it is very cheap and there are very few people around. The weather was cloudy and rainy, but very warm as expected.

The staff is absolutely beautiful - as you might expect in a good resource for Thailand. Its location is not for everyone. It's in a very quiet little patch of Lonely Beach and quite isolated from the occupied part. That can be customized if so happy just to relax, however, makes it a little uncomfortable if you want to explore other parts of the beach / restaurants in the vicinity. You can book a taxi or walk, if you do not mind walking a few hills!

The gardens are absolutely beautiful and the pools are undoubtedly the best of all resorts. As we have extended our stay (on appeal) that actually visited other resorts 4 Lonely Beach. I can confirm that it has the best pool!
Bhumiyama Beach Resort
However, although the rooms were large, the air conditioning did not work and ended up staying in 3 different rooms for a 3 days break there! And not surprisingly, the food is very poor in the restaurant. Very few Thai food and a miss breakfast menu - the beef and onions anyone? Not surprisingly, most people are quick to discover the next great food! Turn right on the beach, and literally right next to the station which has a fantastic tourist restaurant with a funky little club, fire juggling shows, people and everything you want for a perfect night Thai island. I would definitely suggest staying at the Beach Resort Bhumiyama and eat nearby - this really gives you the best of both.

For our last 2 nights, we decided to stay in one of the top beach "shacks" around half a km away from the secluded beach. Made for a different experience, much better with a piece of beach and a fine selection of places to eat. I do not regret staying in Bhumiyama Beach Resort, but there is not much to say about the book a couple of nights and see what else can satisfy. Despite the tranquility and privacy of the beach is great, is much finer beach half miles away and unfortunately it s very difficult to reach the station as the tide tends to cut it.

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