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Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort Koh Chang

We went to Koh Chang to get off the beaten track and can only be allowed in the off season. We went after the old style of Thai teak houses and bed nets, blue sea and tropical breezes. If you do not want a swimming pool full of Belgian high, and then stay at this hotel, and take one of the cliffs very private homes.

The view is the sea and islands and jungle (much better than just pure sea) to rest a balcony, a cavernous bathroom with sea views and a podium in the bed - is the romantic view completely satisfied that worships the old days by Jim Thompson of Thailand.

The leaves, decoration and even the bathroom fittings are of a remarkably high caliber. The food, however, is sub par, compared with the excellent buffet breakfast in hopes of a four-star hotels in Bangkok. In particular, our low season, which were two of six people with a staff of forty. Our house even had a door.

The rainy season means a dramatic hours of rain in the afternoon, and that water is not so clear. If you want the space and time for a real chat with the locals, and an adventure out of season it is much cheaper and much more from a vacation filled with the buzz of the crowd.
Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort
A giant hammock on the beach, sailing and rowing and rental of equipment for a massage hut built on the rocks covered the sea for mobile navigation relaxing Thai massage may want when you are waiting to travel from his home in the cliff. Magic for those with a streak of the old school who prefer teak houses and their books online. Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort Koh Chang