Panviman Resort Koh Chang Koh Chang Hotel Reviews

Read Panviman Resort Koh Chang Koh Chang Hotel Reviews

Panviman Resort Koh Chang Koh Chang

Stayed for 10 days in panviman and had a great time!

Yes, the dirt road that sucks ... Yeah, who do not speak English, but the best when traveling through Thailand .. the number of people who speak English fluently? And you'll need a motorcycle to go around the island anyway (if you want to see something more than the impressive swimming pool and the beach) So walk this road is not nescessairy ... And if you do not want to rent a bike, the resource is pleased to organize the transfer for you a little price ... (2 times a day from the station!)

I think the people who work in panviman are doing everything possible! We really try to help you and believe that the "real" management (type probebly a German or a European person) makes it sometimes very difficult for them ...

As for the surprising bungalows are very clean! The bathroom rocks and have a nice terrace to chill out at night ...Panviman Resort Koh Chang

We stayed in July which is low season in Koh Chang. Subject "clash shock" of its kind and had a very cheap place to stay for only 3200bht night (without breakfast, which was once and is not bad but 400bht pp.) (The normal rate is 5500 ..)

So my advice: check your own website! and if you travel in low season, pending would save a lot of money!

Very freindly staff and very, very nice ..! Always happy to help (if you can ..) and also had collected additional ferry ..! Therefore, call / email in advance to arrive!

Next time when I will be in Koh Chang, I will defenitly stay here! Panviman Resort Koh Chang Koh Chang

Panviman Resort Koh Chang